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This Family run business has been passed on through three generations of the
Hyland family over the past 60 years.

We are producers and suppliers of Laurel, Griselinia, Escallonia, Bay Laurel, Portuguese Laurel and Holly Evergreen Hedging
as well as Beech, Hornbeam, Dogwood, and Willow Deciduous Hedging. We also produce a range of Evergreen
and Deciduous Trees. All of the above are carried out from our 20 acre Nursery premises on the outskirts of historic Oulart
village in the heart of rural County Wexford, Ireland.

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Trimming Laurel Hedging


We find that if we trim our Laurel – Prunus laurocerasus hedging twice a year; once in mid June and again in mid to late August, it forms a much […]

Fuchsia magellanica

  • Fuchsia magellanica hedging


For a flowering hedge it is hard to beat Fuchsia Magellanica. It flowers from early summer to the first frosts. It will grow to 10ft high and the same width […]



Portuguese Laurel makes a good evergreen hedge, if planted at 50-60cm apart in good soil they can reach 1.5 to 2mt in 3 years. Plants from 2lt pots

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